Remembering The Girl-Child

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EDITORS NOTE: Every 11th of October, we celebrate the Girl-child– A day set out by the United Nations to celebrate yearly, the lives of every girl-child worldwide, known today as the International day of the girl child (IDGC). It’s a day when the life of the girl child is reflected upon and an opportunity to expose the challenges faced by the girl-child such as gender inequality, discrimination, physical and mental abuse, girl-child marriage, and a wide range of others. The 2014 theme of the girl-child celebration is “empowering adolescent girls: ending the cycle of violence” aimed at promoting the rights and putting a stop to violence against girls and women. Yesterday reminded us about the importance and true meaning of the existence of every girl-child through an upsurge of worldwide collective positive voices by well-meaning individuals shooting towards the girl-child injustice and what the fate of today’s girl-child is. Share the thoughts of Arikor Collins Ogo– an avid Nigerian and ardent supporter of the rights of every girl.

“Violence against women has become a “global public health problem of epidemic proportions,” according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). “Some 35% of all women will experience either intimate partner or non-partner violence,” says WHO.

Reports from news dailies and other media all around the world are enormously tainted with the gradual, yet constant rising tide of the sad plight of the girl child. Infliction of torments and all manner of cruelties sadly await many girls in Nigeria-and Africa particularly. Why? The girl child and the matured women is no more regarded as a property of the man. If I am not mistaken, any man that considers any object as his property would see that property as sacred and inviolable, but the reverse happens to be the case when it comes to women, whom for the case of argument, we should regard as property of the males. Because of the causal and resultant effects of abuse on the girl child and the matured woman, I would subsequently use the girl child and her matured woman counterpart interchangeably.

I recently played the devil’s advocate in an argument with a very good friend, Enumah Kosisochukwu, a co-writer/blogger. Kosy (for short), was trying to draw my attention to the fact that the world is fast changing and evolving with regard to female issues. It was her own view that gone are the days when men overlord it over their wives and daughters, but she sadly drew my attention to the gleam fact that Africa is still yet to have take up its gauntlet and join in the war against women oppression. I also had an argument with a good friend pertaining to feminist issues. My very good friend, Harrison, had posited that the so-called ‘feminism’ movement is strongly over-hyped and overflogged. According to him, it is quite clear that current feminist-mania is a calculated publicity stunt spearheaded by insecure and paranoid members of society, who more or less are seeking attention where there is none.

This piece would therefore be taken to be a response to my earlier argument with those two individuals. I quite agree with Kosy that the world is changing as regards with female issues, and I also share her fear and concern for Africa. With greatest respect, however, I don’t think the current clamor for female recognition is a calculated move set to seek any attention, other than the simple fact that women should be granted their pride of place in societal standing. In an earlier piece titled ‘THE MONSTER CALLED RAPE’, I diligently espoused the many hardships women are facing in society, which calls for a wake-up awakening to the worrisome issues facing women, and society in general. To come to terms with reality, it is quite uncontroverted that women-in our society, particularly- are reduced to mere objects that naturally are to be acquired without due recourse to their peculiarity and feelings. They are meant to undergo unprecedented hardships just to fulfill the selfish yearnings of men. Rape, objectification of women, spouse battery, female genital mutilation, subjugation of women, women trafficking and a host of other evils bedeviling society are the tools by which men achieve their ungodly desires against women. These issues are on the increase! Only a deluded individual would deny that, no doubt.

For the umpteenth time, no private citizen has any right, in whatever guise, to prejudice another person in that other person’s civil enjoyments/entitlements. No man has any manner of jurisdiction whatsoever to inflict pain and injustice on the woman. A holistic view of our society currently would reveal the extremely disturbing fact of women being downgraded and dehumanized by the men.

By the nature of institutions in society, women have been designed to be at the tail end of the natural order. They are expected to play subservient roles in society. Of which this makes them easily exploited, subdued and desecrated. Women are bestowed the status of valueless objects. Domestic violence against women is steadily on the increase. Women are sometimes even seen as not needed in society, but, it is quite clear that society requires no more of women, than humans require basic necessities for survival. Amongst the many evil structures, the patriarchal leaning of society is a great factor that contributes to women oppression.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is certainly not helping matters at all in regards fighting the scourge of women oppression and domination. The entertainment industry which ought to be at the forefront of canvassing for female issues is more becoming the main conduit through which women are seen and converged the status lesser than that of animals! I had earlier asserted in a prior article, ‘THE MONSTER CALLED RAPE’, that being a woman is truly a very beautiful experience, I still maintain that stance strongly, and I might even add that it is the loveliest experience on earth. Take a very keen observation and examination of current societal issues and sifting through gruesome news items that occur everyday, you would appreciate the fact that women are overwhelmingly marginalized and maltreated. We seem to have forgotten that our posterity can only be guaranteed by the very important role of our women. If girls were to be no longer in existence, then I wonder what would become of the world.

The idea of trying pick holes in the feminist agitation put forward by male chauvinists that the feminist movement is a hoax, is certainly an erroneous reasoning on the part of whosoever believes such. That women are seeking their dignity and self-worth isn’t a bad idea at all. The world was not created to erect and solidify the bloated pomp and compulsive will of the man! All humans on earth form part of a single interdependent system which exists for the mutual benefit of all. The primacy of women sustaining the world is, no doubt, a matter of ordinary understanding. And when, such vital role of women is put in jeopardy, the fate of the world would certainly be a bleak one. It seems very strange to me, that a man would turn to victimizing the very woman that brought him into this world, yet, that is what plainly happens.

On account of World Day of the Girl Child, observed globally on 11th October, 2014, I want to use this medium to specially profess my admiration and great respect for the female folks. They have thus far embraced what society continues to throw at them with unflinching purity, benignity of manners and meekness of spirit. Even ongoing feminist agitations are done with such esteemed toleration and decent temperament. Only handful men spontaneously show compassion and affection to ongoing women degradation. The pittance offered by the men is much less than the loss incurred by the women and yet it is made out as a generous concession which ought not be the case.

Finally, the dialectics surrounding the economic and socio-cultural plight of women in the world reinforces the paramountcy of women as special creatures. It has dawned on the world that women ought to be protected and respected.

To this end, a whole lot still needs to be done by law and policy formulators in every corner of the world to facilitate women emancipation all round through the instrumentality of the law. When injustice is not far from us, even as in no way to affect our interests, with our human nature however, we are still displeased because we consider injustice as prejudicial to human society and pernicious to any body that approaches the person guilty of injustice. We partake of peoples’ uneasiness by sympathy, and good conscience. There can be no way we walk against the dictates of our conscience that we would ever bring us to justice. Though we may grow rich in business ventures we don’t delight in doing, or we may be cured by drugs we have little faith in, we however, cannot find peace through actions that prick our conscience”.


WRITTEN BY: Arikor Collins Ogo


(In dedication to the Missing Chibok girls)

Have You Guised Your No Into A Yes? (Saying No When You Mean To Say No)


Little Exercise: Say No countlessly. Does it spur some confidence or make you feel bad? Why?

Well, what’s so dreadful about the two letter word “No” that we’d rather compromise and displease ourselves than decisively say it, and stick to it regardless of the not-so-good feeling it brings. When we look at it from a more neglected point of view, we realise that the reasons or people that make us to say yes when we mean to say no do not really matter at the end and the turn out may not have been as negative as we thought it would. But you said yes, and now you must stick to your yes otherwise you would be seen as that bad friend or colleague that never keeps to his words. How about a No from the start and be remembered as one who does not compromise his decisions?

And this is why you must say no when indeed you mean to say no

• You matter, yes you do!

The reason why we suffer emotional stress is because we have compromised our true decisions and ended up doing what does not align with our spirit. One of the wisest things you’d ever learn at some point is putting yourself first. Yeah it’s good virtue putting others first but not so much so that you forget to pay attention to your own self. Investing a considerable measure of time and energy for others and not about as much time for yourself just because you have committed yourself to something you’d rather have refused only makes you an enemy to yourself. This is why trying to be decent at the cost of yourself does not say how much of a good person you are really. You must first learn to love yourself to be loved by others. The moment you realise you matter, saying “no” would not be a mind-tussle but a deliberate and positive turn-down.

“When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself.” ― Paolo Coehlo

• Quit thinking for others, Quit assuming!

While putting others into consideration is a good thing, sometimes it leads to irrational assumptions that end up becoming conclusions in our heads. The things you over think that others may think about you which makes you compromise your decisions is most often made up in your head. You say yes because you think the other person would think badly of you if you failed to do what they wanted which leaves you thinking less about how you feel and thinking more about what others will think. In the end it’s all think, think, think, and you’d be surprised to know that you’re the only one thinking, because those you’re thinking for are doing nothing other than living their lives, but still you’re here, thinking! You will only think yourself into depression! Think for yourself alone, hey!

• Recognise what and who really does matter



Being that fellow that people run to when they need help or being known for getting things done is damn good! You get the recognition, sense of worth among folks and people just love you! But then beware of the accolades because it could go bad too! If you can’t tell when and how to differentiate who and what actually matters, you will end up getting used. You cannot say “yes” to everything or give a “yes” answer to every request. The thought of it is even exhausting! Welcoming every request and treating it as top priority puts you in the backseat and redirects your focus in life entirely, leaving you frustrated. Learn to turn down some requests, shove some down for later attention and decide which to pay more and immediate attention to.

• Your shoulders are made of bones not steel

You’re not a “People’s needs Advocate”. One of the biggest mistakes you could ever make is thinking you could be of help to everyone. Everyone needs help but you definitely cannot help everyone and since you can’t help everyone, at least you can help someone. Offer genuinely and whole-heartedly, the help that is within your capacity and well, say no to the others. Better a no than saying a yes to something that you don’t intend to treat as important, thereby giving high hopes to the other person. Excessive help more dangerous to relationships of any kind. Even as it is in dealing with people, gauge your help jar!

Like I asked earlier, what’s so dreadful about the two letter word “No”? –Since it’s a word that most often triggers emotional sentiments and negative outcomes, it all lies in having the right attitude. It’s the attitude in saying No that is of more importance than the No in question and this is what determines what the outcome will be. Truth is it’s never that easy to say No but the trick here is that you can actually say no without saying the word “No”. Watch out for the final part of this article– “How to say No without saying no”. In the end a “No” doesn’t hurt! Say it as simply as you intended to but with good reasons and good intentions. , Don’t guise it up!

“I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone”Bill Cosby

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

10 peculiar things that inspire me to write…


About anything has the capacity of inspiring one to doing what they love to do. When I get asked “What inspires you to write”, I don’t always have a ready answer because inspirations don’t just flow through a single Channel. Inspiration is everywhere! The word itself stems from a Latin phrase “inspirare” which means to inflame, to blow or to breathe into. Since we are all created in the likeness of God, and God dwells in us, God is the ultimate inspiration–and such inspiration that comes from within can only be a direct influence of God. Yet, inspiration wouldn’t always come from within as sometimes we need to wander about the universe in search for it. Generally, finding your muse in anything is a very important part of achieving success. Hence, every writer is always propelled to heave off some inspiration, somehow, anyhow, some way…..even from the weirdest sources.

Welcome to my few selection of queer (and not so) things that inspire me to write!

1) My imagination

inspiration 1
Imagination remains for me the greatest tool yet in drawing inspiration from. It’s the aptitude of forming a mental concept on people, objects, and places without the direct perception of the five senses. Since imagination is said to be the eye of the soul, your imaginations must run deep, in constant search of what to create. You only need just a little positive imagination to keep you stirring towards the direction of your goal. If you can imagine it, you can do it and if you can do it, you can be it!

2) My computer

happy homework
Basically, I almost cannot do without my computer since it puts me in the mood to work! whether it’s the shuffling through saved drafts, surfing the net in search of something new to read, new ideas to conceive, my “little companion” serves as yet a source of inspiration to write. You know, those long hours of blank-staring endlessly at the screen in front of me like a loner, thinking of what to write has in time become some weird kind of support system for inspiration. Hence, I’d rather not start up my system if I’m not ready to work than waste the inspiration that may come with it.

3) Fonts
How funny! But yeah, I cannot type with some fonts. I’d either crawl through the inspiration or lose it completely. Yet, some fonts trigger that inspiration; you cannot help but write, write and write more, smiling from back to back. I get this more with the slant fonts, perhaps because I write in slant too –Maybe.

4) A sharp mouthed pen
Although I would rather type than write, yet, traditionally pen to paper still weaves that inspiration for me neatly, especially when it’s a sharp-pointed pen! Some days I bury my fingers on the keyboard of my system and other days, scribbling with a sharp-pointed pen, just inspires me to write!

5) Solitude

inspiration 5
Yes, I love the solitude! – Because inspiration thrives in solitude. For some people, an environment with noise and clamour invigorates their writing creativity but it doesn’t always tick off that inspiration for me. There are days when even the sight of one person is enough distraction. Hence, spending that alone time in deliberate isolation from everyone, physically and mentally, helps to squeeze out my writing muse since it gives me a better chance to think, reflect, and tap better from my environment to properly develop my writing ideas.

6) Art works
Pictures generally have such mysterious way of inspiring one especially to write, perhaps, because the mind connects naturally and faster with visuals. It is one sure way of combating those annoying hiatus of writing. Being a lover of artworks has hugely inspired my writing process. I love to wander through the soul of an artwork and at the same time, try to discover what was in the mind of the artist behind the piece. Hence, I stumble on newer and better ideas that I could put to good use in writing.

7) Meaningful conversations
Ever had those moments when you find yourself locked in an insightful conversation but your mind has long travelled to the realm of creativity and your fingers start to itch to write? –Yeah, that! Holding down (meaningful) conversations with people, keeps you up to date with their lives and the lives of those around, giving you a better viewpoint about life. Conversations that inspire are definitely a sure way of spurring up some creativity!

8) The shower

Whether it’s the singing in the shower or the quiet solitary bathes, the science behind finding one’s muse faster in the shower works like magic! It’s still for me one of the best way of exploring our inner. Most times, we do our best thinking in the shower and we just can’t explain it! Somewhere in between the soothing feel of the water trickling down our skin to the cluster of thoughts going on in the head in that peaceful moment, a brand new idea is mostly born! –And you almost cannot wait to jump out and develop this new found inspiration.

9) The Loo

Never under-estimate the value of a good poop! Just as in a shower, we could find our muse too just by spending a good amount of reflective time alone on the toilet seat. One poop after another, the inspiration just shuffles in, somehow, you never know! You must find your muse somehow, even if it’s in a loo!

10) A good sleep

……And when you cannot write, sleep! Just shut it all off and sleep! Sleep surely does inspire insight and it is one of the habits of truly creative people. Sometimes you just cannot and should not force out that inspiration. It’s somewhere there, somewhere you can’t reach by just stretching your thinking capability. Sleeping creates a calm atmosphere that lets you reach deep within your own thought. Sometimes, a good sleep lets that inspiration flow naturally!

These are just a selected few out of a wide range because inspiration for me is everywhere! Whatever it is, whenever it is, when the inspiration hits, just seize it and begin to write and if it doesn’t come, create it. When you sit tight, waiting for the perfect muse, it most likely will never come. If you’ve searched all out for one and it doesn’t come, do more of what sparks your creativity and sooner or later, you’ll get back on track.

Where do you get your own inspiration from?

“Don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work” –Pearl S. Buck

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

Get Out Of Bed, Lazy Bones!

Watch the gloomy fetters of the night,
How they slowly roll out for you
The moon and stars have taken to flight,
And darkness has made way for the light
Yet you hang up a haunch in deep snooze,
Spinning in blurred faith and anxious drools

Cock-a-doodle-doo, the early cock cries,
Tick-tock, tick-tock, the old clock fiercely warns–
Of the sudden arrival of yet another radiant light
Tweet-tweet, out of their nests, the chirping birds fly
From trees to land in search of daily g(r)ains
Yet you toss and turn in loath of the new dawn!

Get out of bed, you lazy one!–
Who idly lay in bed waiting to be kissed by the sun
Get out of bed you lazy bones!
Don’t you hear the shuttling of gates and the blaring of horns?
Stale is the night, immaculate the grandeur of the new dawn
Rise up! Carpe diem! –It’s another race to run!

QOTW: “I would have it inscribed on the curtains of your bed and the walls of your chamber: “If you do not rise early, you can make progress in nothing”– William Pitt Chatham

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

The Obscure Portrait


It lay in suspense in a cold open space,
The oldest sketch in memory they could make
Striking admirers from near and afar
They dropped a ransom with it to part
But none could reach the painter’s satisfaction
Smoothing with double figures for a ransom
With their bid, he remained yet unyielding

Once the show was over,
He got rid of his sketches
With good count of moneys
Ready to paint some more for sale
The old sketch lay next to him silent and pale
There was a mystery untold
Which he never revealed to a fold
Not even to his mother!

Years exceeded upon his brush,
He had a collection which drew a rush
O’er the countrysides and big cities
His sketches got rewards in meetings
And that one old frame still got no fame
Hanging in cold isolation and shame
Beautiful in its way however outlandish

When the sun went down and his back curved low,
And off his window the singing birds had far flown
To let known his merchants of his sudden ail.
From seven seas they flew and set sail
Reverencing the great artist and his creations
Rendering accolades and consolations
Something yet struck a thriving collector
“This remarkable edifice I must with me send home”!

Rewards were exchanged without more ado,
Riches swirling for purchase in tempo
The painter conserved that one painting for a reason
He saw the value in many years increasing
The abandoned frame soon kissed the lips of all
Hoarded for its worth and historical call
A little print he had for-long on it installed
“On thy preserved old, they shall extol”


“God Makes No Mistakes!”

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

RELATIONSHIPS: Is He A Heartbreaker Or He’s Just Not Into You?


You know, the word “heartbreaker” has been overly used on the men to the point where you could almost envision the heartbreaker in question with a dagger. Yet, in most cases, the reverse is the case. Women happen to be their own heartbreakers. One of the necessary qualities, in my opinion, every woman should possess is the ability to know when and how to draw the line between a casual friendship and a relationship. We spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to gauge the possibilities of keeping a man or not. Hence, we get our feelings in the way of being trampled on due to our inability to recognise the obvious. The funny thing here is that most of the time, it so happens that we can see the obvious but we choose not to act because we hope that the guy would somehow learn to love us back, stick with us and then we’ll win! Hell no.

What’s the obvious anyway? – Knowing that I love this guy and he may or may not love me as much as I love him, yet he doesn’t exactly tell me so for thoughtless reasons of not wanting to hurt my feelings, but the signs are there, reminding me constantly that this is going nowhere. Hence, I resolve to comply with the signs for the sake of my own sanity.

Yes! Because heartbreaks are not easy to deal with but truth is that if we fail to pay attention to the signs, we will only end up dating all the wrong guys and breaking our own hearts. Staying in a half-baked relationship out of pity or loneliness is a really bad reason to be in one as a woman. If you even have to figure out a guy over and over again to know if they’re into you or not, it’s a sure sign that they’re not. If you’re having a hard time knowing if you own that special place in his heart, watch out for these signs! If you spot any of them to be true –He’s just not that into you!

1) He does not take you seriously.

Watch him closely– Is he paying you attention? All guys have that impulse of wanting to take care of theirs, but it only happens when they feel something for you. When a guy really loves you; flaws and all, he puts you before himself. All he thinks of daily is how to please you and constantly work towards making you happy- which includes paying attention to your needs, keeping to plans instead of making excuses, keeping specific dates about you as very important, reminding you of your own plans, encouraging and supporting you at all times, and the list goes on. When he shows this much concern towards you, it can only mean one thing, he’s really into you.


2) Watch how he introduces you.

There are two ways to this, the second of which is even more hazardous. Firstly, his countenance is inert, pretentious or indifferent when he introduces you. Secondly, he doesn’t even bother with the introduction! For all you know, you might just be in a “self-made” fairy-tale of a relationship and you need to get out of it.

3) Watch how he relates with you in public/among his friends.

If he feels uncomfortable having you around with him in public or showing you off to his friends, then he’s not that into you! A guy who has feelings for you will by all means possible to show you off in public! On the other hand, one who’s not that into you will act in the most casual way with you in public that’s a lot different from when you’re both together alone. This also extends to the tone of voice he uses to talk to you in public. When a guy is in love with you, there’s dependably in any event, that particular and unique way he talks to you, that he doesn’t do with any other girl. This is proof of his feelings for you.


4) Can you confide in him? (Can he confide in you?).

Every relationship should be based on trust. The reason we open up to our partners, especially about the way we feel about them is because we trust that they won’t break our hearts. And if you trust him that much to confide in him or open up about your feelings for him because you feel safe with him, that’s good! – But does he do the same? If you’re the only one who does the confiding and opening up and he on the other hand has a hard time doing the same, or appears to conceal every one of his emotions from you, that is a typical sign he’s not that into you. You just might be in that friend zone!

5) He constantly flirts with you– but with other girls too!

While flirting is said to be good between two partners in a relationship as it helps to strengthen the bond between them, yet, what every woman wants is not just the flirting but some good loving and a 100% attention. When all a guy craves is to flirt with you, then he’s just not that into you. The flirting behaviour is most often a sign to watch out for especially when done excessively and with other girls. Pay attention to how he addresses and relates with them. He flatters every other girl just as much and with the same terms he uses for you, nothing special!


6) Who’s making the most effort?

Now if you find yourself continuously making excuses for a guy just to cover up his lapses with the hope that he’ll change, or you keep working so hard to keep the relationship down even when deep down, that little voice inside of you tells you how much of your time you’re wasting on this guy, then you must pay attention to that voice and just move on. Truth is you can’t change a grown man- they motivate themselves towards change. Though you may succeed at changing their behaviour towards you, it’s however a gradual process but you must sure as hell represent a driving force in their life to do this. Read No. 1

7) He avoids the intimate talks at all cost.

Watch how he reacts when you bring up intimate talks with him. When a guy is not that into you, it’s so simple; he doesn’t like to be in that tight corner where he has to have that heart to heart conversation with you, making endless promises and what-not. This is because he’s not interested in you and he’ll avoid anything that involves getting committed to you. He either just wants to have fun or there’s someone else. Also, pay attention to what his eyes say. They say the eyes tell no lies. Hence, it’s easy to know if a guy loves you from the way he looks at you. Watch the eye contact!

8) Have you even met his family?

This is about the most important part for guys. The part they introduce the one they truly love to their family. For some guys, this doesn’t come any sooner for fear that they just haven’t fully discovered the girl yet but when they do, they are more than excited to show her off to their folks. But is he even interested in doing that with you? If you’ve been with this guy long enough and he doesn’t see it as necessary to take you home or keeps making excuses, and even if he takes you home, he doesn’t feel comfortable having you around for long, then he just may not be into you! When a guy truly loves you, he acknowledges you to family and friends. If his behaviour tells you that he’s hiding you, you just might be in a secret relationship and you need to get out. Read No. 2


9) He does not and will not spend on you.

When a guy is not into you, he’ll spend practically zero cash on you. Even if he does or ever did, you couldn’t count the times to your 10th finger. He’d most often make empty promises which he doesn’t hope to keep or reluctantly give in after much instigations, arguments and complaints. On the other hand, when a guy loves you , it bolsters his ego getting you stuff you love and taking you out. A guy works hard–to take care of his own, to feed his own, to make his own happy but if you’re getting none of this treatment then you just might not be his own!

10) He disrespects you.

One who loves you will never disrespect you, at least not intentionally! A guy that is not into you and sees that you’re still leeching on him will most likely end up disrespecting you– and it will feel like nothing to him! Yes, he wouldn’t be the devil by then, you’d have yourself to blame. Before it gets to this point, set your limits by knowing what not to accept from him. If he has started to manipulate you to satisfy himself especially his sexual urge, does not include you in his life, demeans your self-esteem by the way he talks to you, raises his temper rapidly at you, it’s the right time to walk out before the temper gets to the fist. It’s ridiculous begging for love and attention especially for fear of being alone and in the end accepting to be disrespected. Say NO to disrespect.




QOTW: “This is what I know. Don’t settle for 40, 50, or even 80 percent. A relationship-it shouldn’t be too small or too tight or even a little scratchy. It shouldn’t take up space in your closet out of guilty conscience or convenience or a moment of desire. Do you hear me? It shold be perfect for you. It should be lasting. Wait. wait for 100 percent.”Deb Caletti

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

When Death Comes A-knocking!


When death comes A-knocking,
Like the deceitful caress of midnight’s breeze
Humming songs of pain and of ruins
Telling tales of forgotten dreams

When death comes A-knocking,
In all its hostility and spite
Raising dusts of hopelessness and vile
As gasping breaths heave out deep sighs

When death comes A-knocking,
Like pale drops of snowflakes in winter’s night
Night falls and darkness draws nigh;
Echoing voiceless sounds of anguish and strife

When death comes A-knocking,
Scribbling my name on its bed of shame
And in the loneliness of my grave,
I lay in endless silence as my flowers return to hay

When death comes A-knocking,
And darkness pierces me with its painful sting
When the hour comes from whence I must bequeath,
In all my weigh’ and measures, may I not be found wanting!

images (19)

QOTD: “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to their deeds” –Revelations 20:12

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)