Why a Long Distance Relationship Will Thrive Better Than a Close Dating Relationship


“But I’ve been taught that if you really want something, you make it work. So regardless of what happens, you make sure that when you are together it’s incredible.”– Rita Ora

I have often heard people express their utter dislike for Long distance relationships (LDR); regarding it as a fantasy of the real thing. There are wide range of reasons why an LDR is more difficult to maintain than a close dating relationship, but the success of an LDR depends on the parties involved in the relationship. I have not been much of a fan of long distance relationships I admit, but over the years I’ve come to realise that an LDR will better stand the test of time than a close dating relationship will, and here’s why– Continue reading

Hey, I Heard You’re The Shy One!

Shy Student Hiding Behind Note Cards During Class Presentati
It’s Okay, you’re not alone……

Well, I got a request a long time ago about writing on the topic “shyness”, but I’ve been a little reluctant to. Perhaps, because of some underlying truth between the fact that I happen to be a shy person too and I may or may not have entirely overcome my shyness but then I’d say that I’ve been able to work on it with it by mastering my own self and being able to relate my differences with that of others to a more reasonable and balanced level. So I learnt– The No.1 thing that triggers shyness off a person is “Proximity”. Continue reading

What’s Your Point Of View Today? –Half Empty or Half Full?

glassThe way we see life most often depends on what angle we’re looking from. The half empty vs. half full expression has overtime set a standard of thinking that differentiates the pessimist way of thought and that of the optimist. Pessimists and optimists are basically two people seeing the same things but from two different perspectives. It is said that the pessimist sees the cup as half empty while the optimist sees the cup as half full –Where the cup of water represents life. Continue reading

Relationships: Your Type, My Type, Our Types!


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Editor’s Note:

“He’s not my type of Guy/Girl”. We get to hear that a lot among peers when relationship topics creep up. We all have different criteria or perceptions of what we expect from the opposite sex of which a defect in such criteria would mean that they are incompatible with us or as the saying goes – Just not my type! When we look closely, we realize that everyone wants perfection in their partners or at least something next to perfection. You know –That guy with the hot bod, the sexy girl with the endowed body, the rich smart guy and the list goes on and on….but then if all of the guys and girls with these prioritized criteria are often sought for, what happens to the others? Enjoy this short but enlightening piece by Okon Bassey that sheds more light on the issue of relationship types… Continue reading