DAY 6 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “The Ideal Christmas” by Adetoyese Odekunbi


On the 6th day of Christmas, Adetoyese Odekunbi brings you:

The night looks charming and gay
The streets brightly lighted
With colourful bulbs and Christmas tunes
Kids happy in their new dresses
Gallantly marching across the street
All awaiting the arrival of Santa
On his reindeer

The poor and depressed forget their grief
With everyone’s lips
Curved into a smile
The Christmas carol they sing
And gifts they share among one another

For Christmas is a season
To extend love, joy and happiness
To care for the sick
And provide for the needy
This is what Christmas is about
And not merrymaking alone…


Adetoyese Odekunbi (@Thoyeh007

Contestant #6 Of #12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge

Goodluck Adetoyese! :)

DAY 5 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “Christmas Cheer” by Ajufo Chisom

christmas cheer1

On the 5th day of Christmas, Ajufo Chisom brings you:

Through the darkest cloud it shines,
Through the hides of the forest it shines,
Through the depth of the oceans it shines,
Bless the lord for the Christmas star.
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DAY 4 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “My Love” by Okon Bassey


On the 4th day of Christmas, Okon Bassey brings you:

You are so kind, so loving, so gentle,
So faithful, so patient, so merciful,
I long and wait for your coming,
To be in your presence forever is all I seek. Continue reading

DAY 3 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “One Perfect Christmas” by Bello Adekunbi


On the 3rd day of Christmas, Bello Adekunbi brings you:

My infant Soldier,
Where art thou?
Your chubby little fingers
Your infectious wild giggles
Your heavenly smell…
I miss them.
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DAY 2 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “Healing Magic” by Abiodun Awodele


On the 2nd day of Christmas, Abiodun Awodele brings you:

Time was not too long ago;
Youth ran free, innocence was me
When life was fun and my heart carefree,
Christmas then, was rice and chicken,
Shoes and clothes, new and shiny – Continue reading

DAY 1 Of #12DaysofChristmas: “What Is Christmas?” by Newton Samson


On the 1st day of Christmas, Newton Samson brings you:

What is Christmas?
To Busayo a child at the orphanage?
A time when people remember
To come, bring rice and clothes
The ones they use or eat never
Is it Monday or Tuesday? Just another day. Continue reading

#12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge Begins! 12 Days of Poetry Packages For You!!

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‎Yaay, Heralding A Great Experience!

Finally it’s here!

Our #12DaysOfChristmas long anticipated poetry appreciation challenge begins!

It’s going to be a battle of the best poet.

12 awesome poets have emerged with their beautiful Poetry Christmas packages for us – for the enrichment of our minds! Continue reading